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We are "not for profit" 501(c)(3) horse rescue

Important News


Horses are God's Magnificent Creatures

We treat them with the Love and Respect they Deserve

Amaryllis Farm has been in operation since 1989 as an educational facility who's motto was always: ...where horsemanship begins!  Horses were saved from auction 1-2 at a time, rehabilitated and placed in forever homes.  Quality has always been the focus of Amaryllis...never quantity.

The full rescue efforts began in June of 2005 in memory of Rascal...the love of my life. In 2009 we opened Long Island's first Horse Sanctuary for senior and special needs equines in memory of Aramis.  In 2010 we opened the first Farm Sanctuary on the east end in memory of Daisy.  We survive day to day striving for strength and stability to ensure the horses with us now and those to come SECURITY, PEACE and FULL CARE.

Our mission is to intercept slaughter bound former service horses, ponies and mules (lesson, children's camp, show, race, police, carriage horses) and find them loving homes under the protection of our contract.   We offer permanent sanctuary to those equines unable to adapt to an adoptive home, the elderly and special needs equines.  We accept back all Amaryllis previously adopted horses when asked. This sets us apart.  We have a vision for the future of every horse ever to enter Amaryllis, that they will forever be able to return to the sanctuary, never again to face harm.  Help us build this sanctuary strong for them.  It has become apparent over the many years that people discard horses like old clothes.  Purchased or adopted.  Promises are broken especially fast when a horse can no longer be ridden or 'used'.  Amaryllis is here for these horses.  Our wish is to care for their ever increasing needs as they age, while educating the community and new generations of children about the importance of the horse nation.  You wouldn't send your grandmother out into the forest with no shoes or coat and without her dentures, telling her "Happy trails, you are 'out to pasture' good luck!" Horses age identical to humans.  They cannot eat hay and grass as their teeth worsen, they cannot deal with barefoot issues on hard terrain when their shoes are removed after 20 yrs.  They die slow, painful, neglected deaths.  We wish a high maintenance care for every horse in Amaryllis as they age.  A hospice to the bridge. Love to the end.

We present educational lectures throughout Long Island and focus strongly on teaching children to treat all animals with dignity and compassion.

Slaughter isn't euthansia.  Horsemeat eating European's desire young horses.  Puppy mills have nothing on horse breeders.  The humans hauling and butchering the horses enjoy it.

The most outspoken are those who profit from their murder.  The least heard are those who fight the depravity from within the barns of our nation's rescued horses.  We need YOUR VOICE and we need YOUR SUPPORT.

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Example of what we do...

Sage was purchased from a slaughter buyer.  He is a 7yr old racehorse and grandson of Storm Cat



The transformation process:

my personal thanks to my daughter, Rachel for doing this so you see what it is we do best


To view adopted, available and sanctuary horses, go to "horses index" button.  There is a malfunction on the "adopted" page.

Always check the "events" page!

 Watch the interview with Jill Rappaport!

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Click below for a great story and photos:

Bay once again was ambassador to the Hampton Classic as he was in 2005.  A finer horse never lived. Amaryllis would not exist without his constant help. He helped so many horses have hope again.

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And as you view Elijah's "after" photo below,

 please ponder what Amaryllis will be able to accomplish with YOU on board!



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Momma and Leo on Long Island's FIRST Horse Sanctuary






Amaryllis is excited to announce the addition of the Hart's Cove equestrian facility! 

This exclusive, gated community in East Moriches boasts 15 acres of superbly fenced ALL PASTURE, enormous paddocks and an eight stall barn within it's 55 lush acres.  As the largest horse rescue and the only horse sanctuary on Long Island we were honored to be asked to take over this farm.  For many years to come, numerous horses will reside in luxury....where once they were stepping onto a slaughter bound truck!  We are so grateful!

Sierra is among the many excited horses to move in!



Thank God for Amaryllis.  My life was saved


 Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue's Learning Center: 93 Merchants Path, Bridgehampton

Amaryllis Horse Sanctuary: Lumber Lane, Bridgehampton

Amaryllis Estate Draft and Seniors Sanctuary: Blue Spruce Farm, Little Noyac Path, Watermill

Amaryllis Special Needs Facilities: Private, Watermill

Amaryllis Farm Educational Sanctuary: Coleville, California

Amaryllis at Hart's Cove: East Moriches

 Amaryllis' Mailing address: 44 Little Fresh Pond Rd. Southampton, NY 11968




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Thank you to the A.S.P.C.A. for Grants to help build our sanctuary!



Thank you to Thoroughbred Charities for Grants to help our thoroughbreds!


Thank you to Blue Horse Charities for Grants to help our rescued horses!

Thank you to Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health for Vaccinations!


Thank you to Pet Peeves.org for a grant to help our horses!

Thank you to the Build a Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation for our grant!


Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue is a member of the:


Long Island Horse Rescue Alliance









EMAIL FOR INFORMATION  christine@amaryllisfarm.com

Adoptable horses are only shown AFTER applications have been filled out, reference checks have been completed and properties visited!  We only adopt within a 50 mile radius of an Amaryllis Facility because YES, we will be checking up on the horses. Only suitable horses will be shown and only by appointment.  We need not upset the herd and so use discretion for their sakes.  And to eliminate the "spontaneous, impulse buyers!"  Please be very specific about the horses you seek because at any given moment we are involved in trying to find homes for over a hundred everywhere in the country and we may know of a great possible match for you!  So don't hesitate to call, email and complete that application!


Thank you!